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Bamboo leaf and nettle wise owl tea organic herbal blends

Fresh Bamboo leaf

Bali Bamboo Leaf and Nettle Tea – A Perfect Drink For Healthy Hair

Wise Owl Tea gather the best organic ingredients from exotic locations across the globe, creating herbal infusions that not only taste great, they make you feel great as well. One such location is the island paradise of Bali, the source and inspiration of our Bali Bamboo Leaf and Nettle organic tea.

Bali is a dream destination for holiday makers from across the globe, thanks to its golden beaches, azure seas, and inhabitants with broad, welcoming smiles. It’s also home to a volcanic mountain range that’s responsible for an incredibly fertile environment. That makes Bali an ideal location for the cultivation of rice, and it also results in vast bamboo forests that supply the central ingredient for one of our most popular herbal organic teas.

The blend of organic bamboo leaf and wild grown nettles creates a tea that’s exceptionally smooth, and naturally sweet to the taste. It’s a perfect morning drink, giving you the energy to get you through a busy day, and its silky texture makes it a relaxing tea to come home to as well.

The bamboo leaf used in our unique blend is one of nature’s super ingredients, because it’s a rich source of silica. Silica is the reason the bamboo plant grows incredibly quickly, giving it both strength and stability, and it’s been said that it can bring these same benefits to humans too.

Silica is an essential mineral for bone growth and development, which is why children typically have a higher silica content in their body than adults. Silica has also been linked with a variety of health benefits, including hormone balancing, the encouragement of skin elasticity, and immune system boosting.

One of the claims most associated with silica, however, is that it creates strong nails and healthy hair, which are things that we all want, however old we are. Users have claimed that taking silica supplements has given them lusher and more voluminous hair, as well as strengthening the hair they have and preventing hair loss. Of course, the health conscious person would prefer to increase their silica uptake through natural means rather than via a supplement, and Wise Owl Tea’s Bali Bamboo Leaf and Nettle blend allows them to do just that.

We can’t promise that you’ll suddenly have a head of hair that looks as full and healthy as it did when you were young, but we can promise that our tea will give you a completely natural source of silica inside a drink that tastes simply divine.

You can buy our Bali Bamboo Leaf and Nettle tea loose, in a mini-caddy, or in our great value full size tea caddies, and there’s free UK shipping for any order over £20. To take your first step to an organic green tea that’s rich in silica and rich in taste, visit our online store today.

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