Good Morning ……….Okinawa Sunrise !!

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We love tea-aholic Laura   aka  The tea witch ……….here’s what she had to say about  Okinawa Sunrise !!

“….A gift from the delectable ‘Owl’ after carefully worded Twitter begging, Okinawa Sunrise combines simply bitter melon and peppermint for a refreshing after dinner drink. It shit all over Pukka’s minty offering with an in-your-face minty kick, and an unusual tangy aftertaste from the bitter melon. I liken it to being kissed by an After Eight and then given a love bite by a Haribo Tangfastic; slightly odd, yet strangely alluring at the same time. I also enjoyed the silken pyramids that the tea came in as you can physically SEE what you are getting…a similar advantage found in crotchless undies. In all then, an unusual yet immensely likeable infusion…..”

Thank you Laura……


Okinawa Sunrise wise owl tea

Bitter Melon Caddy

Bitter melon wise owl tea

Bitter Melon

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