Hello, meet Harlem

Jazz was born in New Orleans, but it evolved and flourished in Harlem. Legendary artists like Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis played Harlem. Jazz genres like Swing, Bebop, Latin and Cool Jazz were born there, and the neighborhood once teemed with renowned Jazz clubs.

In all of our tea caddies you will find an Owl teabag clip.  There are 5 different  varieties of Jazz owls and are fun to collect.  All our Owls are the new teabag clips

Please be advised our teabags are delicate. (They are made of: Non woven fabric and corn maize.  Soil compostable within 18 months.  Food certified.)

Our advice to have an enjoyable cup of tea is to pour the hot water into a cup. Approximately one minute later add and infuse the teabag.

Our blends taste best in water that is 70 -80 degrees as opposed to boiling water. So waiting allows the temperature to drop if using water from a boiled kettle.