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Coriscan Olive leaf.

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Amazon Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Excellent 10 April 2014 By PAMELA 

Amazon Verified Purchase

This is a really lovely, fresh tasting tea and is very relaxing. It definitely is the best herbal tea I have tasted and I am now eager to try the other flavours. There was very prompt delivery and I would recommend this tea to anyone who enjoys a good brew! Pamela

5 out of 5 stars Excellent 10 Mar 2014 By TinkR

Amazon Verified Purchase

Great product, great service will be recommending to friends . It’s so nice to find alternative flavours. Got free sample as well very nice

5 out of 5 stars As light as a Bali mountain breeze and as comforting as coming home. 10 Mar 2014 By eskimojo

Amazon Verified Purchase

Bamboo tea is becoming more popular. It’s unusual for a ‘herbal’ tea because it contains some goodies other teas don’t – silica and soluble fibre. I don’t know whether it really does help maintain hair and nails, and help the digestive system as claimed in the press, but I know that it tastes light refreshing and almost sweet. Wise Owl pair their bamboo with nettle. Interesting! I find nettle tea really soothing – on holiday I get my children to collect it from the woods (with gloves of course). The fresh stuff is best, but if you want to be sure it hasn’t been the favourite spot for the local dog/fox/cat then buy it from an organic supplier. The nettle provides the comforting base – which will become very familiar once you start drinking it – a great platform for the lightness of the bamboo. And I think they’ve got the balance and blend right – the bamboo deserves its showcase. If you’ve bored with camomile, and you don’t like the bitter taste of green tea (and the caffeine) try nettle and bamboo. Be prepared for a much subtler flavour – you need to respect these teas and try them several times. We are used to being fed mass produced strong ‘herbal teas’ but there are treasures to be found in the subtler blends. What I love about WiseOwl teas is their imaginative pairing. Bit expensive, but it really feels as though they want to share with you their passion for unusual or subtle blends. Like TeaPigs – they both use silky pyramid bags and have lovely packaging – but you feel that Wise Owl- with the travel theme – is a bit more adventurous and goes that bit further to find something exotic.

5 really special 10 Mar 2014 By eskimojo

Amazon Verified Purchase

This is a wonderful complex tea – really fresh, like you’d expect from lemongrass, but with the warmth and depth of sage. A brainwave! I find lemon and ginger tea too strong, unsubtle and ubiquitous (great if you have a cold – but I long for an alternative). Do try lemongrass and sage. It is genuinely exciting – intelligent, refreshing – I think I can smell the Jamaican air. But the real skill lies in pairing the lemongrass, which can be a bit wild and zingy, with deep warm grounded sage. Perfect combination. The silky teabags are full of fresh herbs. I love the beautiful box (like the travel theme!) – very tactile and almost like a whiskey box (it feels that special). Watch out TeaPigs – you’ve got some real competition at last!


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