We have a monthly subscription service for regular wise owl tea drinkers.

This is currently for UK residents only but please do email us for a quote for countries outside the UK.

£10 per month with FREE UK shipping.

How it works

Tea Subscription £10 per Month

Cancel at any time…..there are no commitments, obligations or fees No upfront charges.

Pay only when the order is processed

1. Choose your blend of Wise Owl Tea from the drop down box below

2. Subscribe to our monthly subscription service for just £10 per month

3. You will receive 2 Tea caddies in your first order, containing a total of 30 tea bags.4. You will continue to receive monthly refills of 30 tea bags, your monthly Paypal billing is automatic.

We send you 2 tea caddies to start, then each month you will receive two refill packs, you can stop any time, no commitments, just delicious regular tea.



Tea Blend Options

To make any changes to the billing address, delivery address or payment method, simply email us. Changes will take place immediately and will be applied to all undelivered orders associated with your subscription.

You'll be charged for each order only when the item is processed.  Cancel at any time.  There are no commitments. Cancel your subscription anytime, by sending an email or using the online unsubscribe button on this page. 

If you need an order immediately, outside your monthly subscription delivery day, you won't qualify for the subscription discount and all applicable delivery charges will apply.


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